Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Hilcorp Energy Company Gave Every Employee a $100,000 Christmas Bonus!
Over 1,380 employees working at Houston-based oil and natural gas exploration production company, Hilcorp received a $100,000 Christmas Bonus this year for Christmas. This is coming just in time for the holiday season following the company successfully doubling the size of the company over a five-year period.

"It's just a true gift and I don't think that myself along with everyone is not going to give less than 100% every day," Amanda Thompson, a receptionist who has been working for the company for ten years, told local news station KTVU. "It was surreal, it was a dream come true."

It's not the first time Hilcorp had rewarded its employees, either: The last time the company doubled in size, Fortune reports each employee had the option of choosing from a $50,000 voucher for a new car or $35,000 in cash.

The company's website, which states "Our greatest resource is our people," reads, "We are one of the largest, privately-held exploration and production companies in the United States. Our success is a direct result of hard work and dedication to doing the right thing." Hilcorp is on the 20th spot for 2015 on Fortune's 100 Best Places to Work. View comments from readers on Yahoo on this.Wow! What a great way to end the year!

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