Thursday, December 3, 2015

United Nations And BIAFRA: IPOB Youth Writes Mannir Dan Ali of BBC!

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) are very much aware of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) conspiracy with the Nigeria government to downplay the ongoing struggle for the restoration of Biafra. BBC pretended and turned a blind eye to the ongoing historic peaceful demonstration by Biafrans all across the world, but to their shame finally reported it in the so called "Letter from African journalist". Biafrans have not forgotten the blanket reportage from BBC during the 1967-1970 Biafra Genocide. BBC is an arm of the lucifer of the world, Britain and it is primarily used in disseminating falsehood and deception to the world. BBC had claimed ignorance of the location of Radio Biafra that is registered and transmitting from its backyard in London because it has and still de-bunking their lies and propaganda against Biafrans.

I want to inform Mannir Dan Ali, the writer of the letter to BBC that the "noisy" protest been witnessed all across Biafraland is by every clans of Biafra and not mainly the Igbo-speaking Biafrans. It is a shame that brown envelope journalists do not like to educate their readers on the rights of indigenous people to self-determination and the need to address such situation peacefully through a referendum. I wonder if Mannir Dan Ali is aware that the Nigeria secret service has flagrantly disobeyed three court orders from a Judge in the case they filed against Nnamdi Kanu. I also want him to watch the shooting by Nigeria military and police of unarmed protesters demanding for Nnamdi Kanu release from unlawful incaseration after watching the YouTube video of Nnamdi Kanu speaking in World Igbo Congress held in Los Angeles,USA. Nnamdi Kanu solicited for guns and bullets to defend his people from the Islamic terrorists strategically scattered in most parts of Biafraland awaiting orders to unleash terror and the Indigenous People of Biafra supports his demand.

Biafrans under the banner of Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu have been peaceful and have not engaged in any terrorist act. Therefore their activities should not be a source of worry to Nigerians but an inspiration to stand against tyranny. Nigerians should not misplace their priorities but should concentrate their worries on the continuous kidnappings, destructions and killings been perpetrated by BokoHaram on innocent people and the weakness of the Nigeria Army to stop them. Nigerians should worry about the fuel scarcity and price hike while crude oil is flowing beneath the earth and subsidy is been paid to major oil marketers. Nigerians should worry about the crumbled economy and the incessant fall of the value of Naira. Nigerians should worry about nepotism and the promotion of lawlessness and human right abuse by Muhammad Buhari. There are lots of issues Nigerians should worry about and not worrying about people of different professions, backgrounds and languages coming together to ask for their freedom. It is true that most of the people protesting did not experience the trauma of civil war but have the issues that led to that war been addressed? Not at all.

Lastly, I am specially inviting Mannir Dan Ali of BBC, to our mega rally so he can get to meet "most educated middle-class" Biafrans who believes BIAFRA represents our best hope of a better future and hoping that common sense will prevail.

 Culled from Radio Biafra Page.

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