Thursday, February 25, 2016

Meet Britain's first 'black and white' identical twins
They have contrasting skin tones, eye colours and hair types. But remarkably, these two babies are actually identical twins. Despite coming from the same egg, the siblings look strikingly different and are often mistaken for step-sisters.

Amelia and Jasmine Appleby, who have just celebrated their first birthday, are thought to be the first 'black and white' genetically identical twins born in the UK. Amelia was born with dark skin, black hair and brown eyes, while Jasmine emerged with fair skin, blue eyes and mousey curls.

Their mum Libby Appleby who lives in West Rainton, County Durham, with her longtime partner, Tafadzwa Madzimbamuto, in an interview said that “Amelia is the spitting image of her dad, while Jasmine is a mini version of me." She added that strangers often assume their daughters are step-sisters.

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