Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Writing your first Curriculum Vitae/Resume (Pt. 1)

You finally made it out of school and now, with high expectations you are getting ready to hit the labour market, probably for your first job. A lot of questions keep creeping in and you find yourself thinking and asking how to go about it and what to do.

Well, these are normal especially if you have never attempted writing a CV before, which is common with most fresh graduates. The good news is; it is very easy to create a wonderful resume within a few hours. However, your inability to write a good CV can limit you and perhaps inhibit your getting a good job! You should note also that your CV should speak volume about you in your absence. It should get you noticed! Simply put, your CV gives you a head-start and an edge over other applicants. So, do not take it for granted!

In my experience as a recruitment consultant recruiting for companies, I have come across several resumes. Most times when I shortlist, I set my objectives based on the parameters laid down by the company. When a job advert has been put up by any company, they write specifics of what they are looking for in the advert, they also include the job requirements and skills/qualifications applicants must possess. 

The grave mistake most applicants make is that they tend to generalize their resume for every job advert. The same resume that has been used for a hospitality Industry based opportunity, will also be used for Telecommunication, Banking, Sales, and so many other related opportunities. This in itself is a grave offence and can limit you a great deal!

I will explain this more in my next write-up and give you tips on how to write a professional resume or CV. I will also show you how you can optimize your CV online for big companies to take note of you and call you for a job interview!

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