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Helping Hands International (H2i): Become a Partner Today!

A lot has been said about Helping Hands International (H2i) and as a partner; I wish to reiterate what (H2i) stands for. In this part of the world, people seem to be skeptical about multi-level marketing business models. But the truth is; your success in any MLM starts with your mindset. If you believe you can, there will be several positive possibilities. If you do not believe you can, then don not expect much positive results! There is this saying from MLM professionals that; a poor broke person will complain that MLM doesn’t work while a successful leader will ask himself “How can it work?” Success in this industry is not in finding the right person, but in becoming the right person.

What Is Helping Hands International (H2i)?

Helping HandsInternational (H2i) is an International NGO with a clearly defined objective of helping the less privileged in the society. This is made possible by a vision which entails working with kindhearted partners who are willing to make a donation of either N6, 600, N13,200 or N19,800 to become registered on the scheme.

However, this partnership comes with good income stream and untold benefits that is better experienced than imagined. With your donation of either N6, 600, N13, 200 or N19, 800, you become a Help Partner with the organization.

The three core projects of Helping Hands International are:
Humanitarian services: (Help to the needy, widows, orphans & handicapped)

Human Capacity Development for sustainable wealth creation (Free skill acquisition services to members)

Passive & Residual income for proper financial empowerment of its members

What is the H2i compensation plan for partners?
H2i has a good number of sponsors Like GLO, Hyundai Motors, Apple Inc, GAC Motors, HP Company, etc. who believe strongly in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). The I-pads come from Apple Inc, the Laptops are given by HP, the cars are given by Hyundai/ GAC Motors and the CUG Sims are given by GLO.

When you become a partner, all you need do is to refer two people who can be your friends, loved ones, colleagues, church members etc. to partner with H2i and you earn good income streams as would be outlined shortly.

For every one person you refer that donates and registers, you earn $8 which is equivalent to N1320. So if you register 50 people in one day that is 50 x 1,320 for you. This is the least of the benefits. There are other bonuses as you move from one stage to the other. Your donation also serves as;
*Partnership fee
*Registration fee
*Donation to CHARITY

After your successful registration, you are placed on stage 1 (as an Associate Member), you are expected to invite ONLY TWO people to join you as Help Partners, (each of the them will earn you referral bonus of $8 = $16). Each of them is also expected to invited ONLY TWO people, when this is done, you get what is called Matrix bonus of $10, = $26, then you will be moved to

Stage 2 (Master Member). Note: you can still invite more people, each of which will earn you $8. Now in stage two, you are not necessarily expected to invite anybody again (Although, if you so wish you can and it will be to your advantage). So as each of your downlines (the two people you invited and the people they invited) complete their stage 1 they will join you in stage 2 and you will be getting what is called Matching bonus ranging from $100 - $1,000 (level 1-5). And you well be rewarded with a Brand New Apple Ipad/Hp Laptop as an additional benefit when you complete stage two.

Stage 3 (Super Master): as your stage 2 members are joining you, you will be getting Level 1-5 Matching bonus ranging from $200 - $3,000. And when they are completed, you will also get the following additional benefits:
 *A Brand New Hyundai Elantra worth over $15,000.
*Trade & Skill Acquisition fully paid for by H2i
*Two recommended members of your family/friend/church members for Humanitarian support/empowerment (Up to $1,000 each).

 Then you will move to stage 4 called Minister.

Stage 4 (Minister Member): in Stage 4, also as your stage 3 members join you, you get level 1-5 Matching bonus ranging from $300-$6,000. When they are completed, you will get the following Additional Incentives:
*Brand New Hyundai ix35 Executive Jeep that worth over $30,000
*Interest Free Loan (on request)- up to $12,000
*Property & Asset Funding (70% support of up to $12,000)
*Humanitarian Aids to 1 orphanage home in your neighborhood on your recommendation

Then you move to stage 5 called Prime Minister.

Stage 5(Prime Minister): in Stage 5, you only need 6 of your members from stage 4 to join you, as soon as this is done, $12,000 is credited to your account instantly. And in addition, you get the following incentives:
*Housing Fund up to $40,000
*All Expensive paid International Trip
*Education Fund (2 kids) $2,000
*Yearly Infinity Bonus of $5,000
*Elite Club Membership Loan up to $44,000 and other incentives.

Infact, the benefits you enjoy in H2i is enormous and can't be exhausted.

It is not just a Multi-Level Marketing agenda. It is a movement with a great motive to destroy scarcity, lack and want in people's lives. “The future of network marketing is unlimited. There’s no end in sight. It will to continue to grow, because better people are getting into it. They are raising the entire standard of MLM to the point where soon, it will be one of the most respected business methods in the world.” – Brian Tracy, Author and Motivational Speaker

So build a solid future today by becoming a Help Partner!

For more information about Helping Hands International H2i contact me now:
Phone no: 08036941528
Google+: Tobe JP Ekeneme
WhatsApp: +2348036941528
Facebook: Tobe JP Ekeneme
Twitter: @tobejp

Take action today and remember: “Success starts with your Attitude. Attitude determines your Thoughts…and Thoughts create your Routines…and Routines determine what daily Actions you take…and your Actions determine Success. Attitude → Thoughts → Routine → Action → Success”. But it all starts with Attitude first.

Let's give it a go! Start now…

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